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Chips, Pastas and more!

I hope July is treating you well! This week’s blog will feature some of my new favorite ways to prepare vegetables rather than the typical sautee and serve methods that we tended to rely on last year. My favorite summer … Continue reading

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My favorite Chocolate Beet Cupcake recipe….

Everyone has a chocolate beet cupcake recipe, but not all of them are good, much less fantastic. I have made some horribly dry beet cupcakes! But this recipe is OVER THE TOP fantastic and perfect for the base cake or … Continue reading

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Not in love with Kohlrabi or Broccoli yet?

I have a habit of collecting kohlrabi’s in my crisper. They just hang out there until I am finally in need of the precious crisper “real estate” and they must move on. I confess, I am not in love with … Continue reading

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Confessions of a Veggie Sandwich Lover…

I have a sandwich obsession. I just LOVE any combination of veggies, cheeses and spreads packed onto a great slab of bread, grilled panini style or openface and broiled. I had a sandwich a couple weeks ago that I am … Continue reading

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Week 7: Cucumbers, Broccoli, Cauliflower and whatever else you have left in the refrigerator

I feel like every year that we have been members of Groundswell we use more and more of our produce and this year is no exception. I am more likely to remember to throw some extra chard or spinach in … Continue reading

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Holy Basil, Batman!!

Okay, so I was on a mission to make my annual pesto for the freezer and got a little over ambitious. I was up to my eyeballs in basil. Time for some preservation! Pesto is, by definition, a sauce originating … Continue reading

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I am eating my veggies, Mom!

Hot diggity-dog…two veggie homeruns this week with my son, and it is only Tuesday! Monday July 8th Kitchen confession time: I hoarded last week’s broccoli for the full week because I have an absolutely addictive broccoli recipe that I could … Continue reading

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