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Last Post of 2013

Wow! It always amazes me when we get to the end of another CSA season.  The season flies by filled with delicious produce and then we are plunged into Michigan winter.  Hopefully you have some yummy veggies canned or in … Continue reading

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Some closing thoughts…

Hello All, What an amazing season of produce and hands on learning!  I was in absolute glee over this years share.  Thank you to Groundswell and their hard working staff for making it happen. Hats off to you!  This 2013 Groundswell CSA … Continue reading

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Final thoughts

It’s been a great year for exploring vegetables in our family. Here are a few more tidbits we’ve learned. 1. The best way to cook brussel sprouts is to caramelize some onions, put a little maple syrup on them, dice … Continue reading

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Fall Food

As the fall weather really sets in, there is a real comfort in cooking. The pace of life seems to naturally slow down as the weather changes. My family’s eating habits shift as well to very savory, slow-cooked meals. This … Continue reading

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Quick and Tasty Fall Dishes

It is harvest time and I am preserving every fresh vegetable I can get my hands on!   In my world, that means canning and freezing.  With a preservation frenzy in full swing, there is not a lot of time for fixing big elaborate dinners … Continue reading

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Soup Weather with a little hope for some Indian Summer

Despite absolutely glorious weather for the last 2 weeks, today definitely feels like winter may be right around the corner. This weather makes me want nice thick, homemade soup for lunch/dinner and to store some in the freezer so that … Continue reading

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